Sunday, 3 July 2011

Year of projects- the post in which we learn about winding yarn and casting on

I spent Friday winding a lot of yarn. I wanted the longest continuous length for the Hemlock ring blanket so started winding from each ball until I hit a fault, usually a knot or a broken ply. I got in quite a tangle and didn't find a perfect length in any ball. I picked the best which just has one knotted ply. I am going to work up to it and see how big the blanket is then decide if I want to make a join so it can be bigger.

This may sound overly picky, but I think it would be hard to hide joins neatly in this project. If I have to do one a Russian join in a stocking stitch section will probably be the neatest option.

Decision made it was time for the cast on:

Pattern: Hemlock ring blanket
Yarn: Wendy undyed Aran

The pattern uses worsted weight and 6.5mm needles. This aran is on the thin side of aran, so close to worsted. I started with 7.0mm needles as I didn't have any 6.5mm, but decided the fabric was too loose for a cosy blanket (see above).

I am trying to teach myself to rip things out right away if I am not happy with them. Otherwise I spend more time on it then rip it out later, wasting more time overall. So rip it was.

I restarted on 6.0mm needles and am much happier. It is progressing nicely.

I have been enjoying this pattern, although I am not sure if it will be overly lacy for my tastes when it is done (I am really not a lacy type). I also know from making a pinwheel cardigan that the start is exciting and works up fast, but as it gets bigger each round takes longer and can get boring, so this will be a long term project. As a bonus there are a lot of plain knit rounds so it will make great TV knitting.


  1. Can't wait to see it grow. I am thinking about making one in a smaller weight for a baby blanket size. And, of course, making it less lacy so little fingers don't get too tangled.

  2. Wow, it's lovely! I can't wait to see it get bigger.