Saturday, 2 July 2011

Tour de Fleece day one

Today was the first day of the tour de France, and therefore the tour de fleece- hooray! I have been really looking forward to this as I missed it last year. I might not post every day, but thought I would share the progress from my first day.

I have some possibly overly ambitious plans, but today went well.

I started with this beautiful alpaca and merino fibre from the Wonder why alpaca farm and Haze the alpaca.

I thought it was a batt, but when I went to open it up and tear it into strips found it was skinny roving. I love roving (Andrea you may be psychic and are most definitely a star)!

I am trying to spin this fairly thick and not overtwisted, both challenges for me. So far it is going well, the lovely pencil roving means I can work from the bag so no ends to join together and only a little drafting is needed.

I have done about 28g (that's about 1oz) today, this is far more than I ever usually manage to spin in one day so I am really happy. I am going to see how full the bobbin is at 33g and decide if it will be a three ply ,if the bobbin is full; or a two ply, if I can fit another 20g in.


  1. I already posted a comment about this on Ravelry, but will repeat it here too. This is so pretty and soft looking. I just want to curl up and cuddle with it. Nice spinning. Good luck with your TDF goals. Mine are to spin 1 hour a day at least, each day the tour rides.

  2. I'm glad that you like it. I really like how my Suri turns out when I use this particular mill. I can't wait to see the yarn you create.

  3. I absolutely love the ribbon-type roving Wonder Why puts out. It's so fun to spin from a ribbon! And very portable. It looks great on the bobbin!