Sunday, 3 July 2011

Tour de fleece day two

I had another good tour de fleece day. The roving is so lovely and spins so fast that I did way more than my minimum target of 15 minutes today. In fact I went until I had finished the whole lot. Today I did about 3oz of this lovely merino and alpaca.

I thought I had split it evenly between the two bobbins, but obviously I didn't. Tomorrow I will ply the two together and probably navajo ply whatever singles are left.

I am going to be looking for more pencil roving in the future as it is so much fun to spin from.


  1. GORGEOUS! I am always amazed that even when I split my fiber into equal weight my bobbins never work out the same. Argh!

  2. That looks really nice. Hmmm I need a colour similar to ply with my first tour bobin. I must go look.

  3. Oh no.. you're making me want to spin! Must resist....