Sunday, 31 July 2011

Year of projects- in which the blanket has reached the end of the pattern, but not the end of the yarn

The title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I am prone to that. The blanket has reached the yellow "suggested cast off for blanket" line on the pattern chart. There are actually another two pattern repeats on the chart, plus I noticed someone has writtne out a few more on their Ravelry project, so fear not, the blanket wil grow more!

Here it is so far, it is still scrunched up as the cable is a bit shorter than the edge (is it a circumference or a perimeter when it is a wiggly circle?)

You can see that the yarn ball has shrunk a lot, it now fits into my hand, just, but that is a lot smaller than when it was the size of my head. I weighed it, I have 126g left. Of course due to the nature of circles as it grows more yarn is needed for each round, so the fact I have more than 1/5 of the yarn left does not mean it will get massively bigger. There is probably an equation to work it out, I suspect it involves pi (the mathematical one, not the edible one), but maths is not my strongest subject so I will just keep knitting and when it runs out is when the blanket finishes (and yes, engineer nerds can be bad at maths, I am better with the edible kind of pie).

I measured it which it was on the floor.

I am currently at 18 1/2" from the centre to the furthest outside edge. For some reason I seem to want it to be 4' across, I don't know where this number came from but since each pattern repeat only adds about 1" I don't think there will be enough yarn to get there. Admittedly this is unblocked, which will probably add a bit more as the fan bit is very scrunched.

Next week we might be talking about edging, I may need your views on that as I can't decide between the fancy pattern edging and keeping it simple.


  1. It's stunning ... could you one day maybe take a close up of the center pattern?

  2. Fun concept and definitely mathematical. Have never attempted knitting anything round...must look into that. Great looking blanket with nice stitch work.

  3. Awesome! Maths and I are not friends and what I can do is extremely limited so I'm no help for you.

  4. I love round blankets - I'm about to start another Pinwheel blanket for my new nephew. But, it does take a lot of stamina to get through those last few rounds! I bet you'll make it to 4 feet with blocking - I think the lace will really grow.