Friday, 29 July 2011

FO Friday- O socks

Today is the turn of the O sock.

Pattern: Olympian socks
Yarn: Shunklies superwash merino (Etsy seller)
Needles: 3mm
Mods: short row heel, round to, adjusted lengths.

I absolutely love this pattern. It works up really quickly and looks impressive, but there is no cabling, it is all an illusion. I did change the heel as I am currently a short row fan, after avoiding them for the first 6 months of the challenge I am giving them a go to see how they feel when being worn.

Since the yarn was on the thick sock yarn side I chose a larger needle size, I am still a little undecided on my preferred size to use after my N socks ended up somewhat thick and felty feeling. Of course the proper answer is that it depends on the yarn, but I am generally trying to aim for a slightly looser fabric. Even so I still like a tighter fabric than many suggested sock gauges produce, I am not keen on gappy socks. Larger needles made the socks work up more quickly too.

The yarn colours is gorgeous, a turquoisey colour which has shown up quite nicely in the photos. It is lovely and squishy too, I am wearing them today and it is all good so far, hopefully they will wear well as I know a lot of knitters will only knit with yarns with a nylon content.

I would maybe have preferred a slightly longer leg, but I was a bit worried about having enough yarn, in the end I had leftovers so I could have added a couple more pattern repeats.

Stitch pattern close up:

The A-Z challenge is going well so far, but P will be a challenge as I have a busy week ahead, I have picked a simple pattern but it still might not get done in the two week time period I am aiming for.


  1. A very pretty stitch pattern; it does look like cables :o) Like the color, too.

  2. Very pretty yarn! A nice summer sky color.