Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yellow jersey

This is a little late, but everyone who crossed the finish line for the tour de fleece got a yellow jersey button.

I have ideas for some of my tour yarns, but this one in particular I am stuck on.

It is superwash merino, I think I have about 225m and it is about commercial fingering weight. I had intended it for socks, but I think it is a little underspun for that, plus I love it a lot, and while I do love socks (a lot, you know this!) I think it would like to be some kind of scarf/shawl.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking a small triangle style shawl, I tend to wear my travelling woman shawl bandit style with the point and two tails at the front so something similar as I am not sure I can carry off the full shawl thing.


  1. That is such a fabulous color ... and so neatly spun! My spinning is still really uneven.

  2. If you really can't decide what to do with it, I will happily give it a loving home ;) It's gorgeous.

    I think a shawlette would work perfectly, I agree that it is suited to being on show more than socks would be (unless you're me, in which case everyone in the world gets shown my handknit socks!)

  3. Oh, so pretty (it doesn't look over spun)it will make a lovely shawl!