Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tour de fleece day 23

The last day of the tour, I have had a lot of fun and really been enjoying developing my spinning and making yarns. Looking at all the lovely yarn and fibre on the Ravelry threads has been great too.

Today I only just managed to squeeze my fifteen minutes in, it was a busy day but I did a little more of the super fine Shetland on my drop spindle.

The lesson for today was- drop spindling very thin yarn when tired is not a good idea! I spent quite a bit of my fifteen minutes rejoining the fibre after it had broken.

I think I will be working on this project for a while, so I am going to try and keep up doing a little each day.

And here is my Tour de Fleece haul!

I don't have accurate weights/lengths for a lot of it but roughly-

100g Wonder Why alpaca, spun as a two ply in two skeins. Approx DK weight (caramel brown colour)
30g Humbug BFL, navajo plied, Approx DK weight (grey brown top)
95g superwash merino from Shunklies, a 2 ply approx 4 ply weight (blues, large)
20g baby alpaca, drop spindled and navajo plied on the wheel. Approx 4 ply weight (grey brown, bottom right)
20g alpaca, drop spindled and navajo plied on the wheel. Approx 4 ply weight (dark brown)
15g Shetland and superwash merino with beads (blues, small)
5g Wensleydale single ply on spindle (white)
Shetland fine single on spindle (pastel colours)

I managed to achieve all my self imposed goals. I am going to start planning for next year, jumper quantity maybe?!

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  1. Great job! Beautiful stash. Yes, next year I'll have to step up my goals too.