Sunday, 24 July 2011

Year of projects- In which the blanket has grown even more and listing stash on Ravelry has its benefits

The Hemlock Ring blanket is growing, it is now officially a long way round, currently 440 stitches in each round! I have had to use a cable connector and join two cables together (I knew I bought them for a reason).

It is still not easy to photograph so here is a partial shot which shows that the feather and fan section is taking shape.

I have reached the point with the knotted ply. I wanted the blanket to be much larger, so I cut the yarn and joined the two ends with a Russian join, fortunately it is in the stocking stitch section so is quite well hidden.

I am going to keep working until the yarn runs out and see how big it is then use the Russian join again to attach a second ball and work the bind off.

I have been adding my Tour de Fleece handspun to Ravelry and decided I really should get better at listing my stash. I probably won't bother with photos for commercially spun yarn, but if I put it in I can link projects to it.

This has worked out quite well with my Year of Projects mystery yarn as I managed to find it on the database, which has given me details of the yardage and I can see other projects made from it. It looks like it will felt, but only if you get mean with it, so I can make the hat after all!


  1.'ve really made headway and it's great we can see it now, it really is taking shape.

  2. I definitely agree with you about adding stash yarn to ravelry - the few times I've done it, I've been able to find so much information about the yarn and ideas about what to make. it's such a wonderful tool to have at your fingertips!

    also - great job with the hemlock ring blanket!

  3. The blanket is coming along nicely! The feather and fan pattern is really pretty.

  4. It's looking good!
    440 stitches though, sheesh!

  5. I love the feather and fan pattern---but holy moly, 440 stitches is a lot!

  6. Beautiful, simply beautiful
    I think the Russian join should be taught as one of the basic techniques after you have learnt to knit!

  7. I'm off to look up the russian join. I cant wait to see this project finished, really enjoying watching it grow xx

  8. Thanks for the link to the russian knot, I havent seen that before.

  9. so beautiful! I'm also off to look up the russian join.