Monday, 11 July 2011

Tour de fleece day 10- rest day

Today is a rest day for the tour de france cyclists, so it is a rest day for the tour de fleece spinners too. The rest day is optional, but it has given me a chance to catch up on some of the blog reading, some knitting and prepping some beads for DutchHollow's challenge to all the members of the TdF Wonder why spinning team.

The challenge is to follow the tutorial from fibre arts Friday and spin some beads into a yarn. I have threaded about twenty beads onto some Shetland fibre to have a little trial run. I used a length of tiger tail beading wire rather than a needle threader as I didn't have one to hand.

I am not sure if we should be using alpaca for this challenge, but I had purple beads and blue Shetland available.

I still have not caught up on the blog posts and am a little behind on my N sock as well, lots of crafting in the evenings this week!

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