Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lovely new goodies

I have been hugely lucky enough to win another blog giveaway, the Intertwined book and two bumps of Shetland fibre from Chopped Tomatoes.

I have already started on one of the lovely fibres, the blue and red is the one being used for my beaded yarn trial.

The book interests me a lot, I love handspun but am a bit iffy about art yarn (to be totally honest sometime it gives me the heebie jeebies), I can appreciate the effort in it, the beautiful colours, the sparkles (love some sparkles) but I always have the question "what can you knit it into?!" stuck in my mind. I think it is the fact I can see the effort and the pretty but can't picture a worked up FO that causes my mini brain melt down, I am hoping this super book can fix that.

BTW, this was not meant to be a "go me I won" boasting post, especially as I didn't have to do anything except write a comment on a blog post. I wanted to encourage you all to look at the Chopped Tomatoes pretty, and also to make my little art yarn confession, please don't hate me!


  1. Scarves are the answer I come up with when looking at art yarn, and or shawls, but the amount needed can make that a bit pricey. Love the colors you have and wish you luck with the beads, something else I've not yet tried. Confused about the tomato?

  2. Chopped Tomatoes is the name of the shop/blog that had the giveaway. They have some very pretty lace weight yarns if you follow the link the first time it says Chopped Tomatoes and go to the shop section of the page

  3. I had a chance to sneak a look at that book over the weekend and it has tons of great ideas! I love the funky hats, scarves, shawls and sweaters. Lots of ideas to inspire...once you leave your comfort zone.

  4. I'm hesitant about art yarn, mostly because I think it's just wrong to turn beautiful alpaca or wool into a shaggy, spindly, sparkly mess ;-)