Monday, 9 May 2011

A wonderful suprise

On Saturday the postman brought me this most wonderful surprise:

A gift from the lovely Wonder Why Gal of some blended alpaca and merino fluff, the pattern for the sock KAL she is taking part in, a magnet and an alpaca postcard.

I was tempted to start spinning the batt right away, but there were jobs planned for the weekend so it is still being petted at the minute. I am trying to think what to make with it so I can try and spin a suitable yarn.

As soon as I finish my J socks I am going to go yarn shopping so I can cast on the socks, I am determined to master colourwork.

Fibre friends give the greatest gifts :)

Thanks Andrea, you are a superstar!

Link to Andrea's website as I am having technical difficulties (see below)-

On an unrelated note I am having some issues with Blogger. I was told the other day "Oh by the way I've upgraded to the new internet explorer" and since then have been having major issues. As well as the fact the favourites has moved (surprisingly annoying) my mouse button only works when it feels like. Even with tap and click some buttons and links just don't work, like the publish post button on Blogger!

I am getting round this at the minute by typing the post on the computer and then using my work laptop to hit the publish button, but if I go quiet it is likely to be technical difficulties rather than I have been smothered by falling stash yarn.


  1. I'm glad you like it!

    As for the Blogger issues, have you considered downloading Firefox. I use that as my browser and don't have any issues. Just a thought.

    I can't wait to see what colors you pick for your socks and how you spin the roving.


  2. I second the Firefox motion ... :-)

    Nice goody basket! The fiber looks like some that I bought from Wonder Why last year ... sort of a chocolatey-red.