Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Scrap down- Ice cream sweater

When you live with a knitter it is essential you have at least one knitted item of clothing. Even if you are a popular dairy based dessert.
Pattern- Felted pint cozy by Julie Weisenberger
Yarn- Wash and Filz it fine held double
Needles- 4mm dpns (I think)
I had this felting yarn and I love ice cream so thought I would combine the two. My sizing was a little off, but after felting in the washing machine twice it fits nicely, not tight, the ice cream just sits in there.
Phish food is my favourite, but half baked comes a close second. And the chocolate fudge sauce the scoop shops put on their sundaes is possibly the most delicious thing on the planet.
The cozy picked up some random bits of white fluff when it was in the washing machine, next time I need to be more careful what I put felting projects in the machine with (this was with a towel, jeans next time I think).


  1. Well, I had no idea you could get Ben&Jerry's in the UK. That's awesome!

    I do agree that your choice in flavors are excellent, however my favorite is Chubby Hubby. Haven't seen it much lately though.

  2. I'm scared that my felting will come out with that "blue denim wash" effect if I put it in with jeans...