Friday, 6 May 2011

FO Friday- I socks

These were almost not made in time to appear today. They have taken longest of all my alphabet socks so far. Possibly because I started making the pattern It's tea time by Stephanie van der Linden but decided the grey yarn had too much fluff to see the texture. I switched to this pattern, but had to wait over the bank holiday to get my hands on some green yarn.

Also less knitting gets done during holidays than you expect, there is always other stuff that needs doing.

Anyway, enough back story, on to the socks!

The photo should be here, but for some reason Blogger hates me today, so it is at the end (no time to sort it, have to leave for a meeting in a minute). Oh look, it will not let me do hyperlinks normally either, grrrr!

Pattern: In the Highlands by Stephanie van der Linden-

Yarn: UK Alpaca sock in charcoal, Regia 4 ply in leaf and random undyed 4 ply from stash

Needles: 2.25mm dpns

Mods: On the second sock I did not do the extra rows on the full diamond but worked the triangle then across the diamond needles.

This is a nice pattern, you get an Argle effect without seaming or intarsia, but it is a lot of short rows. In fact, I am now officially fed up with short rows and I hope the next few pairs of socks are short row free. I have to admit it is very good practise though.

There are also a lot of yarn ends and I got holes at the corners, but the ends were used to sew the holes shut so I guess that all worked out in the end.

The alpaca sock yarn has a lot of fluff factor, which meant it was no good for the original pattern as the fluff obscured the purl stitches. It may also prove to be tickly but I have not given it a go yet, will report back when I have.


  1. Love these socks and great color choices. I always think I'm going to get a ton of knitting done on holiday weekends, but never do!

  2. Those socks are sassy. I wonder about knitting socks with my beloved Alpaca because they do have that "halo" effect. Not quite like mohair or angora but definitely a fuzz factor.'s a good way to learn.

    Happy FAF!

  3. Really, short row Intarsia? How interesting. Great socks.

  4. The short rows for color patterning are very intriguing in those socks, that's definitely a new concept for me. You did a beautiful job making them.

  5. Those are fantastic, so tradtionally argyle and bold!

  6. Congrats on getting them done, they look fabulous.