Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Scrap down- knitted rose (and a mini rant)

I am taking part in a joint project on Ravelry that involves making a big bunch of flowers. My first ones are roses.

There should be a lovely picture of some knitted roses in here, but Blogger is being rubbish. 30 minutes of attempting to upload pictures this morning and still nothing so all I can do is point you towards my project page on Ravelry, where you can see a picture, it is here.

The project page gives the link to the pattern, so not much point repeating that. I used random bits of yarn from my scrap stash.

I was not too sure about the pattern at the start, it is a slightly more abstract rose than the ones built petal at a time, but it is much quicker, with less sewing up. I am fairly pleased with the end product so I might make more, maybe even a big bunch as I have some red handspun that I don't know what to do with.

Hopefully Blogger will be behaving itself by the next post as I hate to post without pictures. I can see why people have been moving their blogs but that seems a little drastic just yet, I would be worried about losing you lovely followers and all my back posts.

A quick edit, I came back today to have another go at the photo, here it is:


  1. Love the roses. I have had probs with Blogger in the past but not recently. Last time it wouldn't allow me to change the layout but I moved to a different browser and it was then ok. So now I post using Chrome and change layout in Firefox! Silly.

  2. Pretty roses, I'm glad you got blogger to behave!

  3. The design puts me in mind of Mary Englebright - her graphic roses are rendered this way, and it's very satisfying. Well done. Can't you Blogger people save your files and transfer them to something like Wordpress? And Blurb.com will allow some platforms to download into their software so you can make a hard copy book of your posts. You'd hate to lose that history - if only because your grandchildren would love to read it and know who you were.

  4. Very cute roses - looks like something my daughter would enjoy making.