Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Scrap down- Juggling ball

Just the one so far, because one counts as a scrap down whereas four would not.

Pattern- Swirl ball by Eve Clevenger
Yarn- Regia 4 ply
Needles- 2.25mm

I worked the extra row and then cast off in the first section colour to give a neat finish. However, this makes one segment fatter than the others (it is the green on the left back). I think the extra row is not necessary, just the cast off in green would have be fine and would make a less noticeable difference.

I also wrapped all the turns on the short rows, but only picked up the wraps when working the full length after a colour change.

This is a great pattern, I love the swirl effect and it is really easy to do. It is also well explained and a good way to practise short rows.

Working the ball with sock yarn on small needles makes it about the right size for a juggling ball, the idea came from a project called artisan juggling balls by Aztoni. To fill it I filled a stocking (clean and unworn, nasty cheap ones) with 87g of millet seed bought from a pet shop. All the seed was pushed down to the toe then I twisted the stocking and wrapped it over itself. Doing this about five times used up the length of the stocking and made a nice firm ball. The top bit was trimmed and the whole thing sewn inside the fabric cover.