Sunday, 15 May 2011

Yarn diet free pass 5- Lots of blue

This is the last free pass of my yarn diet, in two weeks it is due to end and I will be free to buy yarn whenever I want. Still lots to use up from the stash though so I will not be doing too much in the way of shopping.

I needed some plain coloured sock yarn to start the lovely colourwork pattern the Wonder Why Gal sent me. I opted for Regia silk in blue and white to give a snowflake type effect.

Since I was shopping I also picked up two balls of Artesano Hummingbird 4 ply and a pair of slipper soles.

Both the Regia silk and the Hummingbird are wonderfully soft, it was a delicious squishy parcel of lovely.

The 4 ply is destined to be my L socks, I have fancied trying the Hummingbird for a while. The slipper soles are going to be combined with my alpaca fluff once I have spun it to make some cozy slippers.

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