Friday, 20 May 2011

FO Friday- J socks

More socks! By the end of the year I will have enough socks to clothe the feet of a centipede.

Today it is the turn of the J socks from the A-Z challenge.

Yarn: Same difference in Menace by the Knitting Goddess
Needles: 2.25mm dpns

This is one of the famous patterns on Ravelry that everyone seems to have tried, 8379 projects in fact. It has been on my to do list for a while, and I even printed the pattern out months ago but was put off by all the talk of checking gauge and taking measurements so I filed it away until I got to the letter J. Since I do really like the funky pattern I thought I should give it a go, I took gauge off the base of a sock knit in a similar yarn on the needles I intended to use, which is cheating and lazy but there is no such thing as the knitting police so ner! (and yes, I do realise it would serve me right if they don't fit).

The self striping worked really well on the leg, and gave a crazy pattern on the foot, on the whole I am quite pleased with them, although I haven't tried them on to double check the fit yet, I think I am a little scared to.

The yarn is a nice smooth merino. It is a discontinued line that I got in a swap at Christmas, I am not sure about the whole fraternal sock thing, I generally try to make my socks match so this is quite a step in the opposite direction. The dyeing on the back with red sock is not wonderful, there are a few patchy bits and some fat lumps, but generally it is nice yarn (and for all I know was picked up as a second). I would check out the Knitting Goddess yarns in the future, it is definitely not enough to put me off (also, I have looked at them before and the colours are so very pretty).

I have been busily bashing WIPs this week, so plenty of ammo for a few FO Fridays and scrap downs.


  1. I've just finished my very first pair of socks, and I'm already addicted! I imagine I'll end up clothing a centipede too. I really like the non-matchingness of your socks, I think it works with the colours :)

  2. They are lovely! I must be one of the few ravelers not to have tried socks yet :)

  3. Love them! Hey, my goal is to eventually have enough hand knit socks so I can wear them every day and only have to wash them once in a blue moon ;-)

    Thanks for the yarn review too. So often we buy a yarn because it is super pretty but it isn't until we knit it up that we get a true idea of what we really purchased.

  4. Great! The patterning came out beautifully.

  5. Very nice and thanks for the imagery of the centipede with lots of socks!


  6. Your socks look great! I have found over time that fraternal socks grow on me. You can't get them at the store.

  7. Gorgeous! I have jaywalkers in my queue too so I'm curious how you find yours fit when you get brave enough to try them on :-) The striping with the chevron pattern is very appealing.

  8. I like the colors and the fraternal quality! I love my jaywalkers because the stitch pattern seems to keep them fitted instead of stretching out like some of my other socks have done.