Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year plans

I have been quiet this week, mostly because I can't think of a photo to go with this post and I don't like to post without one. Anyway, here is my photoless post about new year plans. They are not really resolutions, apart from a couple of things that really should be done I am not going to get mad at myself if I don't do them. But writing them down in the blogsphere seems a good way to keep track.

Work related (these are the ones I really do need to do):
  • Finish my PhD, and obviously the hard work and lots of writing this entails.
  • Find a job when I graduate

Folksy shop related:

  • Make/design lots more products, get them photographed and up for sale.
  • Shout from tree tops about what I've got (metaphorical ones)
  • Make sales :D
  • Maybe go to a craft fair of some sort

Knitting related:

  • Go on a yarn diet and use up what I've got lurking in my stash. I am joining Tami at Tami's amis on this, I quite like the rules she has set, and rules are harder to break if they are someone elses. I have not photographed or couted though. Mostly it is about not buying any more.
  • Use up all the scrappy ends of balls on mini projects
  • Knit a lot of socks! I accidentally joined an A-Z sock knitalong for 2011. This may have to be dropped if it interferes with plan 1 (work). It will almost certainly entail breaking the yarn diet as I don't have 26 balls of sock yarn, yet.
  • Finish the lurking WIPs and planned projects.
  • If I am knitting any Christmas presents this year they should be started early, very early, like maybe February.
  • To spend January knitting for me, mwah ha ha, it's all mine!

OK, that should be enough to keep me very busy, hopefully this time next year I will be a Dr., with warm feet and a thriving Folksy shop :D

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