Friday, 31 December 2010

FO Friday- Temperance in purples

I guess the FO for today should really be 2010, but since I don't get a say in whether that is done I am going with socks (of course).

This is actually a fairly terrible photo, the colours are all wrong and it makes them look a bit iffy, when they are in fact quite lovely. I finished them in time to wear on Christmas Day- a little present from me to me. I was suitably grateful! :D

The details:

Pattern- Temperance by Liz Abinante. The pattern is inspired by the TV show Bones, I love that show! And although I am not in the habit of thinking about fictional people as if they were real I have to be honest I am not convinced the character they were inspired by would be convinced by handknit socks- too logical, maybe she would be convinced if someone made her a pair. Anyway, I switched it to a top down sock as that is my preference, I just used the twisted stitch pattern on my standard sock method. I did forget to turn it upside down to accommodate the change in direction, but it works ok. They could have done with being a few rows longer too.

Yarn- Mirasol Yarn Chirapa in purple shades. This is a lovely smooth merino. It is a little thicker than most sock yarns, which is how I prefer them really, you get a nice firm fabric without resorting to teeny tiny needles.

Needles- 2.5mm
It seems to be the day of poor pictures (will do better next year :D), this is a close up of the trellis pattern created by the twisted stitches. They are much easier to see in real life


  1. I love that purple and the close up really shows the pattern. Happy New Year! Thank you for being a part of Fiber Arts Friday. I look forward to more adventures in 2011.

  2. Terrible pictures or not, these socks look fantastic! Love the yarn, love the trellis pattern, and I think it's adorable that they're inspired by Bones, which is such a great show.

  3. Nice socks! I have such a hard time taking pictures of my knitting.

  4. Gorgeous socks! I like that you adapted the trellis pattern to your preferred method, since so many patterns are toe up nowadays.

  5. I think they turned out so pretty! I love the close up picture. You can really appreciate them. Isn't it great to give yourself a present!?