Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Book review- Stitch N' bitch Nation

I think most people that knit must have heard of the Stitch N' bitch books. I am not sure if they can totally be credited with making knitting cool thingy that happened a few years ago, but I think they definitely helped (lets face it, its always a giggle to say bitch with a legitimate excuse). I bought the first book for my sister when she was learning to knit, and the second for myself about a year later when I was learning.
I picked this up because shortly after learning I wanted to make a sweater. I rather liked the Jessie's Flames pattern so I bought the book, I still haven't made it but have used the book for quite a few other things.
So what do you get:
  • I think the best bit of this book is the first section which tells you about altering knitting patterns to fit or to get them the way you want. Instructions for changing the sizes and adding/removing details are all in there, which is definitely useful.
  • There are a good helping of patterns, as always with books there will be some you like and some you don't, I've made a handful, although that might be because I had the book if you see what I mean.
  • Scattered through the book are little helpful hints and ideas, like how to make sock blockers, ideas for using the ball band to help you out. I love these, very useful.
  • There are also a few pages telling the stories of some stitch and bitch groups that have been set up, these are kinda nice to read but once you have read them that's them done with, also as it is an American book it is obviously focused on groups from the US.
  • At the back there is a section giving a little refresher course on the basic techniques, I found this very helpful as I was still learning and kept forgetting what instructions meant, having a hard copy meant I didn't have to start up the computer and google it every time.
The writing style is fun and cheery, very easy to read and follow. The price is also pretty good, especially if you have a look around at the various book sellers.
I made these arm warmers as one of my first projects with decent yarn using a pattern from the book:

Overall the book is useful, but really for beginners/early stage knitters. Would recommend it if you fall into this category or if you like the patterns. I can never bring myself to buy pattern books unless there are a lot of things I will make- got to balance that project to bookshelf space ratio!

There are quite a few others in the range as well- the original, a crochet option, one with patterns for men and an "extreme" one, not had a rummage through those yet!

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