Thursday, 20 May 2010

Year of the sock, May- Yeeeeeah! My sock are on fi-ire!

My sock based tribute to the song by the King's of Leon and the very funny stand up bit by Michael McIntyre about it.

After my first attempt at dyeing I wanted to have a go at some long colour repeats. This was achieved by wrapping the yarn around several chair backs to make four mini skeins (each made up of about six sets of 10 or 20 wraps, depending on the colour). I handpainted these with the desired colours and wrapped them carefully in cling film to avoid the colours running, then steamed them. It was a fiddly process, I would have to be very determined to get a particular colour set up to do it again.

The result is an eye popping pair of socks.

Following the fire theme the pattern is called Pyroclastic (not designed by me, it is on Ravelry), it involves a fake cable cleverly made from yarn overs and decreases.

I am not a huge fan of lace socks, I am not convinced they will do the job of keeping my feet warm, but these are ok, just a few rows of holes to build up the pattern.

They have a slightly odd foot construction involving increases and decreases that means you get a sort of twist around the foot. I was not sold on this at first, but they do seem to fit snugly and stay in place well so I might be tempted to use it again.

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