Friday, 21 May 2010

Give me, give me see through shoes

Sung to the tune of chacha heels (I am not actually sure what chacha heels are- runs off to wikipedia). Couldn't find it, but anyway, I am pretty sure I would rather have these:
A few months back someone on Ravelry put a picture of them up as a way to show off your socks. At some point between then and now I decided I needed a pair so after trawling Nottingham high street and having no luck I ordered them off the internet.
With my socks of fire:

Probably the most expensive and fashionable pair of shoes I have ever bought (I tend to favour TK Maxx).
They need a little breaking in, but now everyone can see my socks!


  1. Fab, I love them with the cool socks!
    they look much better with feet in them than not.

  2. Yup, they are kind of plasticy but for the ability to show off my socks I can live with that