Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Shop review- John Lewis, Nottingham

Obviously not the whole shop, just the knitting related section.

I enjoyed last weeks shop review so I thought I would do one for each of the places I bought yarn, and hopefully more in the future.

I have not been in many John Lewis yarn departments so I am basing this purely on the Nottingham shop, I am guessing they are fairly similar though.

They have a HUGE range of Rowan yarn, there is literally a wall of it so if you are looking for a specific Rowan yarn it is probably a good place to go. There are smaller ranges of Sirdar and Patons, maybe others but those were the ones I noticed.

Sock yarn wise its a teeny choice, a couple of colours of Regia and Wendy Happy and that's it. Also not a great choice on the super exciting yarn front (the sort that make you go squee), a small range of Mirasol is about it (that did make me go mmmm and reach for my wallet).

Lots of books and accessories (although not the 2.25mm dpns I was after) for both knitting and crochet as well as a lot of other crafty stuff like fabrics, jewellery making and some card making goodies.

Price wise I think they stick to the RRP so not really a bargain, although not a rip off either. There is also a small sale bin hiding over by the fabric cutting table, literally a couple of reduced balls of yarn in there, nothing I fancied but that is just luck of the draw. They also have bigger sales sometimes (January sales etc), I have seen much larger bins or reduced yarns, so there are bargains to be had if you catch them right.

I was not brave enough to get my camera out in the shop and take a picture of the wall of Rowan, so here is a close up of the lovely Mirasol Hancho I bought from there.

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