Sunday, 9 May 2010

Year of the sock- bonus socks

A few weeks ago I needed a new pattern to take to knit night. The lace shawl is too complicated to work on and chat at the same time, the cardigan just needed ends sewing in and I had no yarn for the sock yarn blanket. Obviously (because I am me after all) I cast on for some socks.

It was still April so even though I had the yarn for May's socks ready and waiting I didn't want to start those. I decided to make use of the blue yarnfrom my failed hot pour due experiment. It is a nice colour although not quite the effect I was hoping for.

I opted for the 9-5 sock yarn pattern from Ravelry. This has a broad twisted rib pattern on the leg and top of foot and a linen stitch heel.

Stitch pattern close up:
This is definately my favourite pattern so far, I am really pleased with how it came out, it fits well and the pattern is easy to remember and work.

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