Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Stash enhancement

In my last post I mentioned how my yarn diet was over at the weekend, like falling into a big chocolate cake would end a regular diet here are my recent acquisitions.

A pair of Mirasol Hancho, I almost resisted this but was waiting for so long to get some fabric cut in the shop that I had time to change my mind and fetch it off the shelf. It will most likely be some very special socks.

The previously mention Manos del Uraguay silk blend. This is so very very lovely (and btw I found it online for more than I paid so was a good price after all). It is vaguely lined up for become a small shawl.
The next one is stash enhancement but only sort of counts as I did not buy it, it was in my swap parcel. Definitely socks for this one, need a good pattern for a variegated yarn.

And lastly a Regia hand dye effect. I saw some of this in a blue/green shade online and quite liked it, it looks very similar to the handspun yarn I used for socks. Thought I would try a different colourway for variety. Also most likely socks.

That was it for yarn shopping at the weekend. I do have to get some lace weight for a pattern I have agreed to test but am torn between undyed (to try and dye my own) and some of the nice colours available, they tend to be expensive though. After that it is time for a stash down, back on the yarn diet!

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