Friday, 14 May 2010

Sock yarn blanket the second

What's better than making a blanket out of sock yarn (ok most people would probably say anything) but I would say making two!

The first blanket is still under way and progressing at its predictably slow rate. However, I hit a bit of a problem- a ball of sock yarn is 100g, a pair of socks uses about 65g of that, which leaves quite a lot leftover. If I use it all for blanket squares there will be big areas of a particular colour, and I don't want to keep it hanging around until I get further in, the whole idea is to turn it from stash to project.

So, I decided to start a second on, this time using the ten stitch blanket pattern. This starts in the centre and spirals round until you get bored or run out of yarn. Two other great things about this pattern are there is no sewing up and as only ten stitches are being worked it can easily be stored on a safety pin.

It is only very tiny so far, really more of a sock yarn coaster:

You can see the stitches safely stored on a pin.
Initial plan is to do some full rounds from each yarn. As it gets bigger it will probably drop to sides of one colour and then I may even have to allow it some yarn all of its own when it gets big (if it gets big, cushion is also a possibility).

I think I may stick to yarns with a weight of 400m to 100g or very close to, there are quite a few chunkier sock yarns out there (I'm looking at you Ranco and Jitterbug). I do like the slightly chunky ones, but they don't line up so well with the lighter ones, I am ignoring this in the mitred square blanket but I think I may have to make them their own project, perhaps do some cushions? Or blanket number three?


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  2. Blankets a go go. Maybe you should do a crochet ripple with me?