Monday, 3 May 2010

Blog week wildcard- all tooled up

I thought I wold finis up blog week by using the wildcard today. It has been fun posting every day without having to think up topics (lazy streak again) and nice to have different things to write about.
The wildcard topic was available if anyone didn't fancy a topic for any of the days, since I just went with it and did each one, even if I couldn't think of much to say I have this one left over.
The topic is about favourite knitting and crochet tools. Obviously I am a big fan of all my tools, let's face it I couldn't knit without them! My two favourites have been blogged about before, but here's another set of pictures:

My lovely ball winder, so much fun to use:

And my homemade swift that my lovely OH helped me to build:

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