Sunday, 2 May 2010

Blogweek day 7- a good yarn

Whoop! I have made through the blog week without forgetting any days. I might even do the wildcard tomorrow as an extra.

Anyway, onto the topic of the day- yarn.

It is fantastic stuff, so many textures, colours, weights, fibres and so much potential, all in a little paper wrapped ball (or skein etc).

My favourite is sock yarn (a recurring theme). The range of colours is amazing, and there are a lot of fibre options out there. Since I am lazy it has to be superwash most of the way for me.

I have a favourite yarn stored in my stash, I have blogged it before. It started life as an Aruncania Ranco blue grey:

I like the weight (it is a little heavier than most sock yarn), but not the colour, which looks like my primary school jumper. I handpainted it with a random mix of blue, red, black and purple. Steamed it twice as I forgot the vinegar the first time round and got this:

It doesn't take a very good picture, this shows the colours a little better:

The problem with having a favourite yarn is that I can't find a pattern I like enough to use it on, socks maybe, or mitts? There's about 95g as I used a little bit of the before and after dyeing in my sock yarn blanket so it has potential, I just want to use it for something that will get plenty of use.

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