Thursday, 29 April 2010

Blog week day 4- a new skill

I am going to look really lazy here, because the new skill I am planning is the first on the list describing today's topic on Eskimimi's website.
I decided a couple of months ago that I need to learn to knit continental style. There are two reasons for this, one- it seems much faster and two- another skill I want to try out is colourwork.
I had intended to use the pinwheel cardi project to master it- lots of knit and purl there, but in the excitement of having a new project I forgot until I was about halfway through. At that point I attempted about three stitches continental style, decided it was going to throw the gauge off and carried on as normal.
Since I have already printed out a pattern and got yarn in mind for a pair of colourwork socks I am going to have to master it at some point. Think I might have to go stash diving for some chunky yarn and make a cowl or something similar. I suspect it is going to be like learning to knit all over again!

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