Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blog week day 3- One great knitter

I am going to cheat a little today and stretch the title to be one great knitting family. For that title I have picked mine (of course!). There are a lot of knitters in my family, past and present. There's me, obviously. My big sister also knits. My mum restarted knitting when she became a Grandma. My Granny used to knit (she made socks for my dad, possibly my sock knitting is an inherited trait?). I have several Aunts that knit and I am told my Grandpa used to as well. I have also seen knitted lace made by my Great gandma, so the knitting goes way back.

I am saving my biggest mention til last, and if forced to pick one only great knitter (although I am stubbornly not, I am including my whole family) it would be my Grandma. As well as teaching me to knit when I was small she made me this jumper a few years ago:

Check out the cabling detail:

I am not sure I should write this on the internet as it is rude to tell a lady's age but she was 89 when she made that, and is still knitting now several years later. I hope I can do that. Maybe if I have at least 65 more years of knitting I will make it through that favourites queue!

So, although we all have different styles, techniques and like different yarns I definately think we have a great knitting family.

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