Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Blog week post 2- an inspirational pattern

I thought about skipping this topic and using the wildcard today, but decided to give it a go.

Can't say that I have a single inspirational pattern, there are A LOT of patterns that I have my eye on. A favourite way to kill five minutes (or several hours) is to look through the favourites and FOs on Ravelry, cheerfully favouriting away at the ones I quite fancy for myself, usually they have to be free as well as I am skint but I make the occasion exception in the hope that I won't be skint forever.

Currently my favourites list stands at 369, which even if I don't hope to knit all of them is already more than I can ever knit I expect, never mind will just have to keep trying.

Most of the patterns have different techniques and challenges, guess that will always be the case, can't imagine thinking I have tried everything.

Have been thinking hard to pick a single pattern, I guess the most memorable one I have seen is "Heere be dragone shawl", I don't overly want to knit it as I don't know when I could ever use it, but it is one of few patterns that has stuck in my mind. It is also awesomely impressive- a lace weight triangle shawl with a big dragon in the centre.

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