Friday, 30 April 2010

Blog week day 5

Topic for today is location- where do you like to knit?
That is actually pretty easy since I have become obsessed with knitting the answer would have to be everywhere. Well, almost, I don't knit in bed, that seems odd to me but pretty much anywhere else is fair game. Most of my knitting gets done sat on my squishy sofa watching TV, but sat in the garden in the sunshine is nice too. Socks make good car knitting (long straights tickle the driver's elbow, although I have switched to circulars mostly now anyway).
The pub on a Thursday night is definitely the winner for favourite knitting place, although not so much knitting gets done at knit night, more giggling, to quote, "like beavis and butthead" and drinking the occasional cocktail. I am not going to post one of the knit group pictures that I have as I suspect I would get complaints :D

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