Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spinning the wheel way

Last week was well and truely fibre filled, as well as desperately trying to get my ravelympics projects finished in time I had a spinning wheel lesson (thanks Nu! x).
I cannot believe how much faster it is than the drop spindle and now am planning to get a wheel of my own and retire the spindle. It will be kept for trying out new fibres.

Learning how to draft for drop spindling definately helped me to get the hang of the wheel as I just had to worry about what my feet were doing rather than learn to draft and drive the wheel at the same time.
I spent the next afternoon practising and got a skein of about 40g spun and plyed.
In for a close up:
I have also finished the drop spindling project I had on the go, it took about 6 hours to ply last night but has produced about 100g of 2ply fingering type thickness yarn. Pictures to follow.
I now have a bit of a dilemma, I have nothing cast on and no spinning on the go, I am totally fibre free! This is can't be a good thing so I will have to pick my next project quickly.

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