Friday, 26 February 2010

Year of the sock- February

I decided to try out some hand dyed yarn and a few new techniques for this month's socks.
I used the Twisted sister's sock workbook and combined a few techniques to make a piggy toe sock with an afterthought heel. I used a provisional cast on and stored some stitches to make the heel opening then went back and did the centre decrease afterthought heel.

The space for the afterthought heel:

Heel loaded onto the needles ready for knitting:

Knitting the toes takes a lot of needles, the comment in the book about wrestling with a porcupine is not an exaggeration!

The finished socks, toe shot:
Heel view:
Definately a learning experience. I am pleased to have done them but don't think I will be in a hurry to make another pair, they are pretty fiddly to make and take a while. There are also a lot of ends to sew in!
They also showed me a few things about the dyeing I tried out. I had attempted to dye the yarn so it would produce stripes, however the sections were a bit on the short side, next time I will make them longer to give wide stripes. The black was intended to make flecks rather than chunks so next time those will be shorter.

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