Friday, 8 January 2010

The purple project

Having tried my hand at spinning with varying levels of success I decided it was time to try and spin something long enough to knit with. I had some gorgeous purple roving tucked in my stash box waiting until the Christmas knitting was finished, its time had come!

Purple roving, 100% merino in deep plum from fyberspates:

A close up of the roving (mmmm, scrummy):

I did a bit of predrafting to help out with the spinning:

The first 50g spun as a single:

A close up of the single:

Two 50g singles plied together:

A close up of the plied yarn:

The yarn wound into a ball ready for knitting:

I ended up with about 95g, the rest I plied with a multicoloured single that needed finishing.
The yarn is not as squishy as I would have liked, I think I overtwisted it during the plying- next time I will read the instructions BEFORE starting! :)

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