Friday, 15 January 2010

How I ended up with green hands

As well as spinning I thought I would try using some dye to see what I could make.
The general idea behind the dying and spinning is to make each project have more crafty hours and slow down my yarn consumption :)
As a trial for my first batch I dyed a small sample of yarn and superwash roving with each of the dye solutions.
Using Jaquard dye, distilled white vinegar and steaming to fix the colours all took really well with almost no left over dye when I rinsed the samples the next morning.

I am waiting for delivery of a few more colours to complete the range so those will follow.
Obviously I got carried away and had to do a spinable (is that a word?) length of roving as well.
I was particularly worried about felting the roving in the process but it has come out fine and I have spun about half of it so far.

Hopefully if I dye a second length of about the same weight and ply it together I will have enough to make some socks.
Oh and the green hands were because I managed to cut a hole in my gloves without realising- doh!

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