Monday, 4 January 2010

Starting to spin

A few months ago I decided to try my hand at spinning, not that I really need another fibre related hobby, but I thought that it might slow down my yarn consumption if I have to spin it before I can knit it.
Using a drop spindle beginners kit I had a go and made some lumpy looking stuff that in no big way resembled yarn that could be knit with.
House decorating took over and the spindle got tucked into the bottom of my stash box and forgotten for a while.
Once the decorating was done I found a decent youtube video explaining the drop spindle process and had another go.
After a bit more practise I managed to make a small skein:

It's not actually big enough to make anything with, which might be good as I am not sure I have the heart to knit with it so at least it only takes up a bit of space.
Next project will be to spin something big enough to actually make something out of!

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