Thursday, 26 November 2015

Winter Woollies 2015

So this week it will be all about Winter Woollies, in photos.

It was really very chilly, but a wonderful day and went much better than we had even hoped. 

The A Little Bit Sheepish stall. And our neighbours- Hooligan yarn, I picked up a ball of yarn made from "Dylan" the sheep. 

The winter lambs were showing off their cuteness.

The alpacas were rivalling the lambs cuteness. The babies come for the day! (with their mums of course).

Stalls inside the tent, plus a wheel and peg loom display.

Inside the building, more stalls.

Some of my knitting group friends had a stall too, selling all kinds of knitted goodies.

More spinning demos and a sheep to sweater poster display showing the stages of processing fleece.

The cattle were in the barn too, say hi to "Wonky" the longhorn.

Almost done with the post show clear up, the shop is back up on-line, soon be time to start planning for next year!


  1. Congratulations on a successful event!

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