Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Catching up

Hi everyone!

I hadn't actually realised how long it had been since I last posted, but it is good to be back. Work sort of took over and I was finding I didn't have time to read blogs, or do much crafting, which meant I had nothing to blog about so it just fell by the wayside.

Things have changed a bit round here, so I am hoping to be back on a regular basis and share some fibrey goodness with you all.

I got a new job in the spring, now I work with these guys:

This is Dylan, Thorn, Jasper, Renaissance and Jonny. The others were having the day off and were hanging out in the field when I took the photo. 
I teach people about the alpacas and take them for a guided walk around the farm (It is Charnwood Forest alpacas if anyone wants to see more)

I did both jobs for a few months, but had to stop working at the stables after a while, it was just too much to do it all. 

At the minute I am working part time with the alpacas. The rest of my time is spent catching up on some overdue jobs, like pattern writing and dyeing yarn. I have a couple of shows to prepare for in the next few months.

The website has had an overhaul too and I have relaunched the Etsy shop, more to go up there in the next few weeks, hoping to take photos of yarn today. The Facebook page (A Little Bit Sheepish) is getting some more love and I have joined the world of Instagram as well (also as alittlebitsheepish, unsurprisingly!).

Pattern writing wise is always difficult to share news of, it generally has to stay a secret until publication. I have been making my first forays into the world of garment design though and hopefully will be able to share some things with you soon.

Having a bit of extra time has meant I can try out a few new crafts too, there are going to be some new crafty pictures to share with you as well as photos of knitting, spinning and dyeing.

Here is a little felty teaser:

Needle felted using merino, not bad for a first attempt.

Speak to you all soon 


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  1. You lucky girl, you! Your coworkers are so much more attractive than mine!