Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Snip snip- seeking

I have been working on a cardigan for a couple of weeks. Since I am not keen on purling and have been wanting to try steeking for ages this seemed like a perfect opportunity.
I added seven knit stitches to the front of the pattern and joined it to work in the round instead of flat.
Once the body was worked I figured I could do the steek before the hood and sleeves, so if anything went wrong I had wasted less knitting time and yarn.
The internet, as always, was my guide for this. I had planned to do machine stitching, but reading up on steeks online I liked the finished edge of a crochet steek. I worked the crochet chains in a black sock yarn.
The chains didn't seem like much to hold it all together, so I dragged out my sewing machine, which was for once compliant- usually I end up with huge tangles of bobbin thread. Today the sewing went well, I tested it on a random swatch and if fed through fine, so onto sewing the cardigan! I added a line of small straight stitches either side of the crochet chain. You can see them on the photo below in blue. They don't actually show up on the cardigan because the whole thing is much darker than the photo shows it (flash! ah ah!).
Finally it was snip time. I used the smallest pointiest scissors I could find and worked up the ladder of stitches between the crochet chain.


Henceforth all cardigans might be made like this, because it is awesome. Totally works, leaving a nice neat edge. I haven't got up the courage to yank it about, but it does seem secure, and will be further stabilised when I put the zipper in.
Next adventure- putting in the zipper! I love learning new skills. 


  1. I'm glad you had a good steeking experience there! It really helped me build a little courage for the day I finally try a steeked cardi pattern in the future. :D

  2. I've just made steeked socks and I'm right there with you. This is definitely a great way to split cardigans, divide necks ... oh and just steek for the fun of it! I bet your chain stitches would have held just fine without reinforcement :)