Friday, 7 March 2014

FO Friday- Spare yarn square

I am starting to run out of Regia 4 ply leftovers. I have worked through most of my stash of leftovers, and even started a few balls that have not been made into socks (kind of defeating the whole "leftover" idea there!).
I don't want to use a different yarn for this project though. I guess I might stretch it to Opal or similar, but I definitely want to stick with commercial nylon/wool 4 ply sock yarn.
Enter the knitting group! Fortunately Laura also enjoys knitting socks and uses Regia 4 ply sometimes, so here I have some donated leftovers, made into a square in the usual way. 

Pattern: Barn Raising Quilt by Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown , Emily Ocker cast on used at start
Yarn: Regia 4 ply
Needles: 2.5mm dpns

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