Monday, 1 July 2013

Tour de fleece- Making a late start

Tour de fleece snuck up on me this year. Last year I didn't take part as uni work took precedence, this year I planned to take part but didn't pay enough attention to the start date.
I would have missed the first couple of days anyway as I was on scout camp over the weekend. This morning I made an effort to catch up.
Some roving was dug out of the stash box (I am a bit short of fibre, must fix that!). It didn't have a label, but I am pretty sure it is Shetland and silk. The bigger pile is 96g, the smaller 63g, I have started on the bigger bit with the aim to spin as much of it as I can.

Since time was short I am spinning it undyed and will dye the finished yarn. It drafts beautifully, making a really thin single.
This morning I spun a chunk (not a very scientific amount I know, I just ripped a length off the roving).

I doubt I will get it all done during the tour de fleece as the fineness means it is quite slow going.
I got caught up on The Knitmore Girl's podcast and Craftlit as I spun, audio podcasts are great for spinning as I need to watch what I am doing. I might aim to catch up on a podcast each day and call that my spinning time.
My complete lack of organisation means I have not signed up for any teams or challenges. I have the team sasquatch group on my Ravelry pages, so will probably submit whatever I manage to finish in there.


  1. Looks like fun... I'd love a go on a spinning wheel!

  2. Sometimes it's better to just go with what time you have, and do what you can without a plan! I'm sitting out the tour in favor of knitting up what I spun last year ... so hard to do this when it's so humid and hot!