Friday, 28 June 2013

FO Friday- More more more

More sample knitting, means less time for personal knitting.
More stockinette required for knit night (I have learnt the hard way that complicated projects and chatting do not mix!)
More impatience to see how a ball of sock yarn will stripe up.
Means, you guessed it, more sock yarn squares (well, one actually).

It is still damp as I only pinned it out this morning, but the ends are in so I am calling it done.
Another example of how well the self striping works with this pattern (the barn raising blanket from Knitalong). I add an extra increase round to each of my squares. I do think that if they went much bigger the patterning would stop working so well.
I have seven squares now (I think, not actually been counting). Which is about enough for one stripe. Still debating whether I should join them now or wait. I suspect I will just start joining them at some point, the idea of all that sewing/crocheting up at the end does not appeal.

1 comment:

  1. The pattern really does amazing things with self patterning yarn, doesn't it. I'd wait to join them, but that's because I'd have to spend time at the end deciding on exactly which square where. And you can't decide that until you have them all :)