Monday, 15 April 2013

Oh no!

Over Easter I went clay pigeon shooting with my family (some of them).

I am not a very good shot, but much fun was had anyway.

Naturally, since it was cold (although the sun was shining) I had on a good share of knitwear.

Unfortunately operating the safety has done this to my favourite alpaca flip top mittens:

Oh no!
It didn't even occur to me that it would rub a hole in them. Anyway, I need to save them, they are the pair I wear all winter long.
I am thinking I will pull back to the first thumb knuckle and bind off there instead, making them fingerless, (thumbless?). Obviously the other one will need the same treatment, the ripping back, not the hole.
This might actually be better, I have wondered before if they would be better without the thumb as I have to take them off to use my phone/other thumb related activities. Does mean my thumb will be left out in the cold when my other fingers retreat inside the mitten top, ah well.


  1. When it's really cold around here isolating the thumb in its own little sleeve is very numbing, so we usually just pull it inside the main part of the hand like newborn mitts ... much warmer! Looks like your fingerless gloves can be saved. At least you've been wearing them!

  2. OR ... you could darn around the hole and leave it there, just tidy it up a bit ... and then that pair will be your shootin' gloves!

  3. You could pick up the stitches below from a couple of rows below the hole and re-knit the the thumb. If you don't have the same colour, a contrasting colour would be nice. Sock yarn works well as the nylon content adds a bit of strength. I have re-knit toes on socks quite successfully. It is a shame to lose the gloves if they are favourites.