Friday, 19 April 2013

FO Friday- Wonky

Last weekend I wanted something simple to knit. Everything on the needles needed brain power and I didn't have any to spare. A bit of a stash rummage and a browse through Ravelry later and I cast on for this:

Pattern: Wonky by Brittany Wilson
Yarn: Debbie bliss cashmerino chunky
Needles: 6mm

It is a nice simple pattern, easy to remember and work. It was done in an evening. It also took just over a 50g ball of yarn so was a great stash buster, you could skip the last repeat and make it from a single ball of yarn.
I have made a cowl in this yarn previously, but find it to be a bit loose and floppy, this one is much better, I think it is the smaller needles making a denser fabric.

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