Friday, 26 April 2013

FO Friday- Sock yarn blanket take 2 (one square)

In still have my mitred sock yarn blanket on the go. It has not seen much attention recently, but will, eventually, get finished (in 5 years or so). In the meantime I wanted to get through some of the sock yarn leftovers a little faster.
I have started a barn raising blanket. Each square uses about 20g of yarn, so 100g gives a pair of socks, a big blanket square and loads left for tiny squares.

I am going to use machine washable sock yarn for this, so it can be thrown into the machine. I am thinking I will back it with fleece when it is done, the knitted fabric is not overly thick.
I did discover that I don't really like using five dpns, the fourth needle always seems to get in the way!
Two mods made to the pattern were using the Emily Ocker cast on, so the centre closes up and adding an extra round of increases to make it a little larger.
When it came to blocking I used the dpns, they made great blocking wires, just the right size.

Although as you can see my dpns are not exactly straight any more.

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  1. I just started a sock yarn blanket. It is rather addicting, but I'm sure I'll slow down after the newness of the project wears off.