Friday, 1 February 2013

FO Friday- Corriedale handspun

I have been doing a little spinning lately, it was a lot of fun. I had 100g of Corriedale, picked up at Fibre East last summer to try.
I thought someone had told me Corriedale was incredibly soft, but I may have been confused with something else. It is soft, just not incredibly so. The Fleece and Fibre source book says Corriedale can be pretty variable, but I would say if you get a good bit (which I did) it is great value, soft and affordable. I would make a sweater for this, in fact, I would use it for next to skin wear for most things, although maybe not scarves or cowls.
I spun a fairly fine single and plied it with itself to make a two ply. I was aiming for a sock yarn but came out a little thick.

After spinning I dunked the yarn into a turquoise dye bath. That was fun too, it has been ages since I did any dyeing.

I have some navy blue merino/silk blend fibre that I think would work well with this, I am going to try and spin it to a similar thickness and do some stripes or colourwork.


  1. It looks very smooshy. Have you tried spinning Cormo? That is a nice fine to the skin smooth.