Friday, 7 December 2012

FO Friday- What a difference a pattern makes

Last week I shared my Carousel socks, made using a tricky variegated yarn. That pattern made the yarn into a kind of rough self striping. I had 62g of yarn left after those, so I made a sock yarn blanket square then divided the remaining ball into half, winding two smaller balls.
Finding a second pattern that would work with this yarn was a challenge, fortunately I have a lot of sock patterns in my Ravelry favourites! 

These socks are based on the pattern Aquaphobia by Crystal Flanagan. I made quite a few changes to make the most of the yarn I had available- I switched them to toe up, dropped the little cables on the top of the foot, worked a short row heel and added an extra stitch to the panel on top of the foot for symmetry.
The slipped stitch pattern came from the original pattern though, it is very much like an eye of partridge heel.  
They are a little shorter than I would typically make an ankle sock, but plenty long enough to be comfortable.
For even more comparison, the sole is worked in stockinette, so on the left is the way this yarn would come out as a plain vanilla sock, on the right is the slipped stitch pattern.

And even with weighing the remaining yarn as I went there was still about a gram left, I made this tiny sock to use it all up.

Using up every last scrap of yarn is really satisfying, leftovers tend to hang around forever. I might make avoiding leftovers my challenge for next year.


  1. Those socks are a whole lotta fun!

  2. I just started a project to use up my little bits and pieces. I can't stand to throw away anything longer than 12". Are you using the minisock as an ornament?

  3. The yarn works brilliantly with that stitch pattern!