Friday, 9 November 2012

FO Friday- Suffolk yarn

I have been using some of the Suffolk fibre from my parents' sheep to practise spinning thicker and faster.
Three bobbins of singles, about 75g each

Became three skeins of yarn, two of about 100g and a mini skein of about 25g.

The yarn is a little thick and thin, even after plying, but for the most part is is about aran weight.

The two larger skeins are about 60m each, they will be a Christmas present. The smaller skein is the leftovers that would not fit on the first two bobbins. Not sure what I will use that for.


  1. That is a lot of spinning ... wow. It's gorgeous. I love natural colored fibers!

  2. The yarn is beautiful. You could use your mini-skein as stripe or even edging in another project.

  3. So nice! I agree with the idea of using it as an edging or a stripe.