Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Ravellenics update 2

Don't worry, these will not be done everyday. I have not been suddenly taken over by some super organised being. I just have a couple of days off work so I can get the camera out.
The spinning went better last night. Still a long way to go. Thsi will definitely be my big challenge.

More squares- a sparkly blue and an eye searing 80s inspired pink, black and turquoise

And a much calmer turquoise semi solid. This one is not next to the others, I am finally getting to levelling off the uneven start of the blanket.

I have started a sock in bright yellow because sometimes spinning and squares don't suit. I don't have any yellow socks and I figured that needed to be fixed. It can be sock put and single skein sprint (more like slow jog!).

There is a lace pattern on the top of the foot but I took the picture the wrong way over. I am aiming to get the pattern written up by the end of the games too.

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